JSK is a Columbia-based funky/cross-genre, cover&original band :

with the sound of Mother's Finest meets Santana as well as  covering the likes of the Chili Peppers, Pink, Sinatra and Bruno Mars, throw in Amy Winehouse, the Revivalists and their unique brand of original music and you have JUST SWEET KARMA,

: with band-members that bring a diversity, not only to the band (hailing from Pittsburgh to Cartegna), BUT to the Midlands as well, that is UNIQUE in its tremendous musicianship and vocal prowess with seasoned, professional musician-vocalists, combined to "BRING IT" to ANY venue, private or public. Opening-Act stage prowess- fused and dynamic enough to calmly set the tone, or Intensely deliver the music technically and effortlessly, entertaining small and large audiences.

JSK is your ONE-STOP-SHOP for a LIVE MUSICAL experience will keep your audiences wanting more, staying longer, creating memories and making you THAT place or person that hired THAT band, that keeps them talking long after the show, event, wedding, etc!